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50th Summer International Children’s Game in Taipei- Taiwan

by ICG Hamilton on January 13, 2016

The 50th Summer Games are all set for the summer of 2016 in  New Taipei, Taiwan.  Team ICG  Hamilton will be participating in the sport of girls basketball , boys/girls swimming and boys volleyball.

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 Welcome letter from Taiwan

As well as a metropolis and a magnificent nature scenery park, New Taipei City bears volcanos, seashores, and a world-class Yehliu Limestone Geographic Park. A travel to New Taipei City, you can discover wondrous nature beauty here.

Possessing museums, quaint street fairs, and elegant Chinese temples, tourists can immerse themselves in the rich arts and humanities atmosphere.

Street snacks are also tourist’s favorite. Experiencing Taiwan’s unique night market is the linchpin which you truly don’t want to miss.

We hardly to show you all the wonders of New Taipei City here. We sincerely invite you to take part in 2016 International Children’s Games in New Taipei City. To enjoy the vitality and hospitality we will provide you.



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